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Forma Suction Shower Mirror Center

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I bought this mirror for my husband or Christmas this year. He wanted to be able to shave in the shower. I looked for fog-less shower mirror for a long time and ended up finding this one to be the best one for the price.

My husband absolutely loves this mirror, and so do I. I do not really use the mirror part, but I do use it to store my shaving cream and razor. The unit has a rounded shelf in which you can put a can of shaving cream. This is good for cans, but not for pumps. My husband uses a lathering lotion that comes out of a pump container and it does not fit very well. Also, it will not pump properly if laid on its side. The unit also has 2 spots to hang razors.

The mirror is quite amazing. This is one of the only fog-less mirrors that I found to have a true reflection. A lot of the cheaper mirrors had a funhouse type look to it. You had to get real close to the mirror to get a decent reflection. This mirror is just like any other mirror in your house. You can get a true reflection from any distance.

The first time I showered with this mirror I was amazed with the fact that it really is fog-less. I take very hot showers and it has never once fogged up. I even tried to breathe on it to produce a fog spot and it never fogged. Every once and a while you will see a spot or line while showering where the water is drying and leaves little water drops in the way. Just splash some water on the mirror and it goes away.

The whole unit is held on the wall of the shower by 5 huge suction cups! I was worried at first that the mirror would not hold, but the suction cups hold so tight that i can't even move it on the wall. You have to pull really good to get it off. This mirror unit works on tub and tile walls.

Update On Feb 15, 2008: UPDATE: It has been about a month since I originally wrote this review. Since then, I started noticing that the mirror was getting that "water drying" look more and more often. The last few times I have taken a shower, the mirror has fogged up soon after I get in. Splashing with water still works to get rid of the fog, but it comes back. I can still see my reflection through the fog, but it's not completely fogless anymore. My husband said you have to spray those kind of mirrors with anti-fog stuff every now and then because it wears off. The mirror packaging never said anything about that.

I still recommend this mirror highly, just be aware that it may start to fog up after a couple months.