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Fossil Oversized Sunglass Case Is Great!

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After my cataract surgery I was delighted not to have to wear glasses anymore. I really did need new sunglasses versus the clip-on type I had used for my glasses. I wanted sunglasses that would cover not only the front of my eyes but also some of the sides to keep out the glare of the sun.

I finally found a great pair of sunglasses that were larger than normal and then realized I would need a case to keep them in. The sunglasses were too large to keep in the pull down case I had in my car. Ordinary cases were all too small and I had a hard time finding anything.

During a rare trip to the mall my husband and I happened to walk by the Fossil Store and I saw this beautiful large case in the window display. I hoped these were what I thought they were......oversized sunglass cases!!

They were......and they came in many colorful fabric finishes. I checked them all out and then looked at the price $24.99. Being the Dutch person that I am I told my husband I'd have to think about it and check around some more.

Well, I had a birthday and guess what I received from my DH? Yes, he went back and got me the oversized sunglass case at Fossil and afterwards he told me they were on sale for $19.99 but he would have paid the regular price as he never knows what to buy me.

**This is an extra large hard clamshell sunglass case by Fossil. It is 6-1/2 inches wide by 3-1/4 inches deep and 3-1/4 inches high in the front sloping slightly downward to the back.

**The case is fabric covered in an off-white canvas material with blue leaves and a 2-tone green flower design. My DH picked out the colors to match my light green car, who would have thought he would even think of that!!

**The inside of the case is a felt finish to prevent any scratching to the lenses of my sunglasses. As mentioned this is a hard case, unless you jumped on it, your sunglasses are very safe and secure. The hinge keeps the case firmly closed at all times.

**There is a limited one year warranty.

The salesperson did a great job of wrapping my case in tissue paper and in a gift box for my husband. He didn't have to do much else except find a gift bag. If anyone out there needs an oversized case for their sunglasses, check out the Fossil Store, you won't be disappointed.

Update On May 30, 2010: Using this Fossil sunglass case has definitely kept my sunglasses from breaking, getting damaged or scratched. I will never just throw my sunglasses in my purse which was a bad habit for me. Wherever they are I never have to worry about them getting damaged even if someone were to sit on this hard case. Definitely worth the purchase!