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My husband and his coworkers received a package this week from a client. She sent them each 2 baggies full of these little Scentsy fragranced wax molds.These are really cute molds and each scent represents the fragrance in some way. The pear is "Honey Pear Cider" and the Pink Ribbon is "Pretty in Pink" and has a floral scent with grapefruit, amber and wood scents. These "samples" were made especially as samples and the actual wax scents you buy online are in bricks or like a thin bar.

I had never heard of this company, but apparently they started just a few of years ago in Salt Lake City, Utah and also do home parties. So apparently they are a great way to make some extra income if you like throwing parties. You can check them out at Scentsy.com, which forwards to Scentsy.net - same place.

Now, I had no clue how I was going to melt these very fragrant waxes, but we were determined to find something, as I use to have a potporri oil burner but could not find it. And since we were having a Christmas Party Saturday night, we really wanted to burn (or should I say melt) some of these.

Well, I had purchased one of those mini potporri burners from Wal-Mart several years ago - they look like a mini crock pot. That was perfect!

I decided to burn/melt the caramel scented waxes, being it is like a holiday fragrance. I had one burning over a tea light candle and the other in my little potporri pot. Funny thing is, the tea light burned out before the Scentsy wax did. And after our party was over, both had been melted for about 5 hours and still going strong. After they cooled, it looked like the waxes were still about the same in ounces. I was amazed. Now, I must say that these are very sensitive waxes, meaning that they are actually designed to be melted over a nigthlight bulb - that's right! A nightlight bulb. You will see this in the website.

I wanted to check out their website and I truly am impressed at all they offer. You can even create your own burner rub on transfers and have your own design. They have scents for your car, room tins, room scent sprays, and even plug in type burners.

Now the one other thing I noticed about these waxes is that you don't even have to melt them to fragrance your room. Yes, they are quite strong, but considering my sensitive nose, I have not experienced any problems or headaches, as sometimes strong fragrances can do. I can only imagine what the bricks or bars would be like.

So check out their website. You can see all they have to offer and don't have to sell anything, unless you want to become a distributor.

Update On May 22, 2010: These have such a long lasting scent and the wax seems to take forever to dissolve. We really like them and even these trial size molds are great. I can't wait to get the larger ones.

They also have opportunities if you are looking to make some money. I haven't checked into doing that just yet but it may be something you are interested in.