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Frank Peretti: Monster

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Jenn Weiss By Jenn Weiss on
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Monster was the first novel that I have read by Frank Peretti. He is a Christian author and all of his stories revolve around aspects of the Christian faith. Monster is a novel about two hikers in the woods who get lost from the others. While in the woods they hear noises and try to run away when the woman hurts her ankle. As she lays there waiting for her husband to get help she is picked up by something, but what she doesn't know.

As the novel progresses you get insight to the characters and how faith can give you peace in any situation. While this novel does have some Christian elements it is not preachy like many Christian novels. So if you don't want a novel that is preachy this is a good one to start with. Peretti's descriptions make you feel like you are right there as apart of the story watching as it happens. It is one of those novels that you cannot put down and want to keep reading.

His characters are the ones that you can relate to and possibly pick one that you think is your favorite one. Monster is probably one of the best Christian novels to start off with. You see a person's faith at work through a tough situation as well as the troubles that trying to play God can cause.