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Frankenstein By Mary Shelley

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We all know the story of Frankenstein, or so we think. A scientist stitches together dead body parts, creating an ugly-looking man; he brings his creation to life, and it starts killing people. I, too, thought that's what Frankenstein was about - until I read the book.

As I delved into Mary Shelly's masterpiece, I couldn't help feeling cheated by all those movie versions out there: they took a deep, complex story and turned into nothing more than "Boo! Monster!!" Actually, it was the "monster" I felt the most sorry for. In the old black and white Boris Karloff movie, he cannot even talk, and he's given an "abnormal" brain, obviously to reduce him even farther. In the book, we see a strikingly different picture. The creature rejected by its creator, just because it turned out not very pleasant to look at, longs for love and acceptance. Abandoned by the scientist, the "monster" learns not only to speak but also to read, and a good half of the book is written from his perspective. He is shunned by people and detested by the only person in the world he considers his father. Even when they become enemies, the "monster" loves his creator, deep inside. The scene of him weeping over the doctor's dead body - a scene you won't see in any of the movie versions - is chillingly powerful

Check out this excellent book if you want to know the real story of Doctor Frankenstein and his unfortunate creation. It is so much more than just a horror story.