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Freaky Friday 2003 Film

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Freaky Friday, it was a book, then it was made into a movie and then remade and remade again with the last two being made less than a decade apart. This review will be on the third version, the second remake. Remaking a movie twice within the same decade sounds like a recipe for disaster right? Well, it does SOUND like that, but I guess the chef who cooked this up had a secret special ingredient or something because this movie is good!

This movie is about a mother Tess Coleman (Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter Anna (Lindsay Lohan) who just don't seem to get along. The mother is an overworked therapist with about a thousand cell phones and other communication devices and the daughter is a regular teenage drama queen. We get to see a day in each of their lives and, well, it's obvious that both of their lives could be better. One night, they go to a chinese restaurant in which they get in an argument where each reveals that they think the other's life is so much better that it would be a breeze were they in each other's place. Well, the head of the chinese restaurant gives them each a fortune cookie, they open it and read a mysterious fortune and the next morning, what do you know, they've switched bodies! Now they have to live each other's lives and find a way to return to their own bodies before Tess's wedding which just happens to be the next day.

I hadn't watched this movie in a while and really didn't have much of an intention of watching it for a while either, but when I saw it was on tv, I suddenly decided I wanted to watch it. I decided to watch it on dvd because, well, no commercials. Anyway, I put it in my computer and I was enjoying it almost instantly. The acting was great and the humor was also fantastic. One of the highlights of the movie was in the trailers in which Anna has just woken up in Tess's body, looks in the mirror, and with her mother standing right next to her, she screams, "I'm old!" Tess shows that she was offended by that remark, yet Anna continues and screams, "OH, I'M LIKE THE CRYPT KEEPER!" What made this joke even more funny, was that when you think about it, Jamie Lee Curtis had to look at herself in the mirror and scream that she was old! That was great. There were many other moments in this movie, it was funny where it was supposed to be funny and serious where it was supposed to be serious. Some things that Tess does in Anna's body truly makes you question whether a grown woman would really do that or not, but for the most part, the movie works. I definitely recommend this movie to Disney fans, and even if you aren't a disney fan, you'll most likely enjoy this movie.

Anyway, moving on to some of the special features. I clicked on the deleted scenes button and the director said that he would now show a COUPLE scenes that were cut, and after only ONE, that was it. Perhaps someone should get the man a dictionary? I don't mean to insult him, it was only a joking remark. Now, a lot of the deleted scenes I watch are interesting things to see and I actually find myself wishing that they left some of them in the movie, but when you watch this deleted scene, you instantly see that this scene just would NOT work AT ALL and almost makes you want to question the writer who even came up with the scene, nevermind the director for approving it and filming it. I difinitely could have gone without seeing it. Then I click on the alternate endings and am "treated" to "three" different versions of the ending. It's actually the original ending played with only the most minor, almost insignificant changes between the very end of them and the third one is just the actual ending playing. The actual ending is a special feature? Gosh, I hope the next dvd this guy makes doesn't stop the movie and make you have to go through some foolish dvd minigame to view the ending. Also, most of the bloopers aren't particularly funny. So, my rating is, movie (which is what you'd mainly be buying/renting a dvd for) 3.5, special features 1.