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Fred Mustard Stewart Young Savages

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Over the years I've read many great books and usually when I find a novel by an Author that has intrigued me and kept my interest I seek out every book they have ever written and devour each of them. Fred Mustard Stewart is one of my favorites. His novels span many of the historical times in our world that captures the essence of the period involved and does so holding us captive with his always descriptive stories.

Young Savages is a novel that is actually the 2nd in a series - I am waiting for additional volumes but unfortunately haven't seen anymore yet.

Young Savages spans several generations tracing the routes of an American and Chinese family intertwined through marriage. The first volume, Savages, traces the earliest family routes, explaining how the Chinese Dynasty family came to be a part of the Savages Family, a rich upper class clan, from America.

With the usual epic story telling style that Fred Mustard Stewart is known for, we learn about the riches that are part of the Orient, the lust and the dangerous times, including Chinese Pirates who pillaged the seas and stole from sea faring vessles, to gain access to their riches and treasures that were being transported from the Orient to the shores of North America.

The book is rich in historical data but doesn't read like a history book. Instead we become immersed in the day to day lives of people described as real world characters with weaknesses, strengths and passions that make them interesting and leave us feeling at the end of the book, as though we have met and know them well on a personal level.

If you enjoy historical stories that follow a level of interest, intrigue and grandeur, I think you'll enjoy Fred Mustard Stewart's book the Young Savages - but I recommend you read the first book The Savages - first in order to get a good idea of the early beginnings of the many characters lives. A great rainy day read.