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Free Antivirus From Avast

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My husband repairs computers and removes viruses for tons of people. Keeping your computer up to date is important, as technology changes every day. The same goes for viruses that float around the Internet and attack our computers through website and E-mail links.

Avast offers a free home use Anti-virus program by going to their website at http://www.avast.com

They also offer a Pro Antivirus for $39.95 and avast! Internet Security for those who bank and shop online, for $59.95.

Avast is a Russian Antivirus software and honestly VERY good. They know what they are doing here.

We've been using the free home edition for a few years now and it works great. Avast always catches potential viruses and trojans and since it updates at least once per day, I know it's safe to use and I just let it run and do its thing.

They have changed the color of the logo and design from the blue it use to be to an orange. The software installs an orange ball or circle with a small letter "a" in your task bar in the bottom right of your screen. They also updated the "voice" that tells you the software has been updated from the male voice they had, to a female voice. Both I thought were friendly, but it really doesn't effect the quality of the software. Just a user preference since female voices are considered to be more friendly.

I believe Avast is easy to install and when you right click on that orange icon in the task bar, it allows you to run several types of updates. And no matter which Antivirus you use, please always update them after you install as the executable file you install will normally be an outdated version - no matter where you get it from. It's all part of technology constantly changing.

We have not experienced issues that others have that use Norton or AVG. In my husband's findings with many clients, they normally are running one of these other programs and they still end up with major viruses, whereas Avast catches them. Of course not all Antivirus programs can be immune. There are people out there with the main intent on getting into an Antivirus program and they will succeed at some point, so this is another reason to always keep your software up to date.

The company states there are over 100 million people using this software and that doesn't surprise me at all. It's really a great program and worth checking out if you are in the market for a new Antivirus software.

When the software suspects a virus or spyware of any kind, a gray box will come up and the sound is like that of a submarine horn like when they blast a warning onboard - at least that's what it reminds me of.

All 3 versions of Avast protect you from:

> viruses and spyware

> scans your incoming and outgoing emails

> stops an attack you may get from going to an unsafe website (those are websites that when you go there, they have an automatically self-executing virus that launches and hits your computer.

> Also permits safe Internet gaming - which honestly is something I hadn't thought about until I started playing Facebook games like Cafe World.

Avast even has specials that they will run so you can be protected for longer than a year. One current special right now is a 3 year protection that allows you to install the software on up to 3 computers for $99.95 - that's the one that covers everything for Internet Shopping, banking and identity protection.

Please check them out and I am sure you will agree how great their software is.

Here are a listing of their Awards and Certifications

I updated today and am running version 5.0.507

Update On Jun 29, 2010: I installed Avast onto my mother-in-laws new computer. We can now rest assured that her new laptop will be up to date on protection. Awesome software.