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Free Credit Report...I Think Not!

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allie63078 By allie63078 on
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There is absolutely nothing good I can say about freecreditreport.com except that they are a bunch of liars & thieves. You see their commercials on tv all the time about you can get a free copy of your credit report. What you do see, unless you are a very careful reader is that if you sign up with them to get a "free" credit report, you are enrolling in their credit advantage program, which is some sort of credit monitoring program and that if you don't cancel with a certain time period, they will charge you every single month. They say that this charge stipulation is clearly stated on their website, however, it is not so clearly stated and I found out the hard way.

One day last week, when I was checking my credit card balance online, I came across an entry that I had seen before, but had never paid much attention to, just thinking it was one of my card's monthly fees, but upon closer inspection I found out that it was they charge from freecreditreport.com. Well, of course I called them and told them to cancel whatever membership I had immiedietly and I requested a refund of all my monies since nowhere had I see somethign about having to cancel or be charged. I told them that I thought it was a "free" credit report and nothing else and basically they told me I wasn't getting any money back.

So, beware of this group. If you do try to get their credit report, be sure, whatever you do to cancel before the 30 days or whatever it is so that you won't get robbed or your money too!