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Free Standing Electric Towel Warmer

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Doing laundry is one of my least favorite chores. I found most of the time the pile was made up of towels that I was washing every day. I asked my family to use a towel at least twice before throwing them in the laundry pile but I was met with grumbles about having to use wet smelly towels.

I was looking through a Linen's & Thing's ad one day and saw the Warmrails Premier Freestanding Towel Warmer for only $39.99. I had always wanted a towel warmer and for the price I thought it was worth a try. The unit came almost fully assembled in the box with only the legs needed to be snapped on. It plugs into a regular 120 volt outlet, has a 7 foot long cord and according to the box, uses as much electricity as a single light bulb. The unit has an curved shape so it's easy to slide towels off and on. It can hold 4 towels at a time if they are folded in half and more if they are folded smaller. Just remember the thicker they are folded, the longer they take to dry.

Well, my plan worked. My family now uses towels at least twice before throwing them in the wash, more if I'm lucky. We all have really enjoyed being spoiled by having a warm towel waiting for us after our shower which is even better in the winter when it's cold in the bathroom. My son like to have his robe warmed up on it at night so after he is dried off, he has a warm robe to put on.

I have found other uses for my towel warmer as well. This winter we were lucky and had snow a few times which is a big deal here in Georgia. My kids would get up in the morning to go out and play and come in cold and wet to warm up. When they came in, I hung their wet coats and gloves on the towel warmer and they were warm and dry when the kids were ready to go back outside. I have also used it to dry sweaters instead of laying them all over to floors to dry flat. I put a thin towel over the bars and then put the sweater on top of that so it's not on the direct heat. It works great in the summer for wet bathing suits too.

When I bought the warmer the one thing I did not think about was that my bathroom only has 2 outlets and they are on either side of our sinks. The unit does have a long cord but I do not want it stretched all over the bathroom so I keep it pushed up to and blocking one of our sinks. My husband keeps promising to add another outlet in there but for now we have learned to work around it. I would also like to caution anyone who has young children to be very careful if they purchase one of these. I does get HOT. I have backed into it a few times and let me tell you, it will get your attention fast. It never did cause anything more than a red mark that went away in a few minutes but for young kids this could be very dangerous.