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French Fries From Potatoes Easy With Starfrit

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My husband bugged me for weeks to keep my eyes open for a French Fry cutter to make cutting potatoes easier. Our oldest son got us hooked on home-made fries when he made a batch that tasted so much like a French Fry trucks' chips that it brought back memories of when I was pregnant with him and I use to visit a Chip Truck, as they're called here, every chance I got. I am certain it was thanks to those excessive trips that caused me to gain a whopping 50 pounds and also contributed to my "allergic headache reaction" with salt ever since.

Anyway...I found this Starfrit Fry cutter at Wal-Mart and the reasonable price of $19.97 encouraged me to pick it up and surprise my husband with it. As far as reactions to a surprise goes, I'd have to give his a 1 out of 10 - let's just say I'd expected more for my efforts! ;)

While I went out shopping with my daughter he decided to give the cutter its first workout. The cutter lets you choose between making wide cut fries or slender cut (known as shoe string). The cutter has a small lever on the right side of it that you push down in order for the cutter to suction to the counter or table. This works very well and the cutter is securely planted allowing you to easily cut many potatoes in short order.

After ensuring the handle is pulled all the way back in the cutter you insert a potato (peeled or unpeeled it doesn't matter - just wash potatoes with skins on if you like and you are good to go). Then push the handle forward on the fry cutter which moves the cutting grate against the potato and pushes the cut fries out the front of the cutter. Perfectly delivered fries ready for deep frying.

From cutting to eating the process took my husband about 20 minutes which included heating the deep fryer & frying the potatoes. This was considerably less time than it has taken before when we had to cut the potatoes by hand.

In just a few minutes he had roughly enough chips for 2 good size plateful's. The problem now is that I think I have created a monster! He has fries as often as possible and he's regularly asking, "Is it a make your own night?" meaning is everyone in the family on their own to make whatever they want for their dinner.

The machine is made of durable hard plastic while the cutting blades are stainless steel and the handle is a sturdy steel as well. The cutting plates, there are two, can be removed from the cutter by simply turning a small switch that is between the handle and the back-end of the cutter. All parts are washable with warm soapy water, no dishwasher for this puppy.

It's a great thing to have because it means that everyone can have french fries any time they wish and it is easy enough to use so that anyone who can use a deep fryer safely can make a snack of golden fries anytime. You have to use a little force to cut the larger potatoes but this cutter works quite effortlessly for the smaller potatoes and almost anyone can use it without much effort.

I have to say that our deepfryer has become one of the most popular appliances in the house since buying this cutter and it's amazing just how fabulous the simple potatoe actually tastes when done this way. I'm looking forward to trying Sweet Potatoe fries soon.

For best results I recommend using a Trans-fat free oil - and of course, let's not over do the snacking! We all know what too much of a good thing can do to the waist line!