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French Kiss On Dvd

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This movie is called French Kiss and it's rated PG-13 and is approximately 111 minutes and from 1995. I actually remember seeing this in the theatres when I was in high school and I really liked the movie back then. For whatever reason it isn't my cup of tea now.

This movie is about Meg Ryan and her fiance. He goes to Paris for work and she can't go with him because she is terrified of flying. She stays back and looks at homes for them to move into and he calls her to say, sorry but I found myself a French Goddess. She gets on a plane and has a horrible experience flying and also meets Kevin Kline and his character. Meg Ryan is now on the plane and it's full, the only seat open is next to her. She is scared and hating everything French and Parisy because of her fiance just dumping her. Kevin Kline comes in carrying a grape vine and speaking French to the flight attendant and looking grumpy and cranky. Meg Ryan immediately knows that is going to sit next to her, which he does and they start arguing. She goes off on him and lets him have it, when really it should be directed at her fiance. Well, I believe it is slipped out she is afraid or maybe it shows, I can't remember but Kevin Kline helps her by making her mad and they get into a loud and headed conversation, but it allows her to take off without freaking out! It's quite nice, even though the conversation is annoying and Meg Ryan is very immature about it.

So after the heated discussion they both calm down a bit and he gets up to water his plant a few times and that is when you see that there is this giant gorgeous diamond necklace in it and you think that he's a theif, but we don't know and won't until later. Meg asks about the plant and Kevin tells her this long beautiful story about how he just want to own a vineyard and blah blah blah. It's a great story and he is quite believeable.

Finally when they get to Paris the two go their separate ways, or do they? I won't tell you any more. It's intriguing, isn't it?! It is enjoyable and funny and different. Just not a favorite of mine.