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Fresh Breath

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It irks me a lot is when I cannot brush my teeth after having heavy meals. I try my best to bring my toothbrush and toothpaste wherever I go but afraid that I may scrape my enamel even more when it is already wearing off due to drinking coffee and sodas. I am so guilty of that!

This breath-freshener is my instant solution to a fresh smelling breath. I do not take this every single time I eat but only when I eat something fishy or spicey. I try gargling water with salt too to help clear the smell of the last meal I had.

This freshener is quite hot for my taste although it does the works by clearing the after-smell of the meals I had. It lasts longer than most of the mints I have taken before. I can say it lasts for about more than an hour as long as you do not eat again. LOL!

The size is very convenient as you can slip it to your pockets or purse. Every mint is as this as a paper and see-through. It's not expensive at all and I bought it in Manila. I also found similar product like that (Listerine) here in Dubai so I am sure this can be found around the world. Just check your nearest pharmacy or supermarket.