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Fresh, Clean Contact Lenses Without The Fuss

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I've been a long time contact wearer and I have to say that lense solution has certainly come a long way from when I first began wearing contact lenses. Way back then I used these little effervescent tablets mixed with Saline solution and then my lenses were inserted into the solution, the case closed and I would pop it into a Sterilizer gadget which heated the saline and supposedly cleaned the lenses.

Today, I simply pour a little ReNu saline solution into my lens case, pop in my lenses after I've given them a cleaning by using the same ReNu solution in the palm of my hand, and my lenses are good to go. I've had absolutely no build up of protein or any other issues with my lenses since using this solution. I love it!

The only thing that could get easier than ReNu is getting Laser surgery (which I intend to) and doing away with contacts all together. The bottle I have is a 60ml bottle and the solution usually lasts me for some time as I don't wear my lenses on a daily basis as I use to do. Oddly, my eyes have improved with age (I know, I'm backwards) and I find that I can do without contacts or glasses a lot of the time.

This solution is an economical and very convenient way to care for contact lenses that require daily cleaning. I have actually even used this solution to stretch a pair of daily lenses when I was out of town and had to replace a lens that got torn when I took the lenses off in the dark, stuck them in the case and didn't realize I was twisting one of them into tatters when I put the top on - always take lenses off in the light of a room where you can see what you're doing!

ReNu is a no-rub solution that disinfects, moisturizes, cleans and lubricates all kinds of lenses and so far I've never had any problems with my eyes or my lenses using this solution. In my opinion, an excellent product that makes contact care and maintenance a breeze.