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Fresh Freshface Foundation: Not Worth The Price

Reviewing: Fresh Face Foundation In Croisette  |  Rating:
By marnm02 on
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I have been searching for the perfect foundation since I was fourteen years old.

During my early teen years, I just went to the drug store and bought whatever I could afford that looked cool. Needless to say, I went through high school with my face five shades deeper than my neck.

As I got a little older, I started researching magazines and beauty sites, and learning about things like skintone, formulations, and textures. I've tried a ton of foundations, many that I stuck with for a while, but still have yet to find that holy grail that I will use for ever and ever.

I decided that maybe I really just don't know what I'm doing, so I went to Sephora and told the sales associate that I am in search of a foundation. I expected her to ask me a litany of questions, but all she asked was "is your skin dry or oily?" I told her a little bit of both, and she seemed confused, and pointed to what looked like the first foundation she saw, the Fresh Freshface. "This would be good for you, " she said. I felt uneasy, but told myselft that maybe I was making too big a deal out of foundation and her more simplistic approach would be better.

She matched up my color...I should have ran in the other direction right away when I learned there are only about five colors. She told me she found a match though, and showed me how it blended in on my jawline. Fair enough. I paid my $44 and left.

After using this for a while though, I'm back a square one.

I like the texture of it. It goes on nicely. What I don't like, is how it sinks right into my skin and looks makes me look exactly the same as I did before I put any makeup on...except that it tints my skin a bit of a sallow color. Sure, it looked fine on my little speck of jawline in artificial lighting through a tiny round mirror...but in real life...not the right color, although probably the closest of the limited options available.

If they had more color options, it might be ok as a very sheer tinted moisturizer (love the SPF 20) that would be great for going to the beach, but that was not the type of product I was looking for.

I'll save this for summer and use it then until it's gone, but I won't be re-purchasing.

And the hunt for the perfect foundation continues...