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Fresh Sugar Bath Lychee Bath Cubes

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By mellaview on
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A few months ago my uncle gave me a glass jar filled with some sort of odd white powdery cubes. I knew that the use was for a bath, but the things just looked so bland and un-bath-worthy that I left them sitting on the bathroom floor near my tub till I ran out of my usual bath bombs I buy from Lush.

Once I ran out of my usual supply, I remembered the glass jar and decided to finally scope them out to see what the heck they even were. At first I thought they were some sort of poor excuse for a bath bomb, or bath melt.

The frosted glass jar read Review Fresh SugarBath Lychee Bath Cubes, and according to the back these cubes contain real brown sugar, which is said to heal wounds and cuts faster. I had neither, but the promise also stated that the ingredients within the Review Fresh SugarBath Lychee Bath Cubes would remove dead skin cells.


Before plopping these odd cubes into my tub I took a deep sniff to see what they smelled like. Well, they smell pretty much like nothing. Sugary, but if I wanted to smell sugar I'd go stick my nose in our sugar bowl. All in all though, the scent is very bland and nearly unrecognizable.

My Use:

I plopped 3 of the Review Fresh SugarBath Lychee Bath Cubes into my tub and waited for the magic.

Sadly, I got nothing. The Review Fresh SugarBath Lychee Bath Cubes did manage to make my skin very soft, and the water felt silky. However my cheaper Lush bath bombs can do the same, and 100 times better.

You wouldn't even believe the ridiculous price slapped on to these bland white sugar cubes. $34.00! Yes, so don't just run, hide. You can get a better bath using Walmart bath bombs.