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Fresssh For My Little Ones

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I have 3 roborovski dwarf hamsters - Dash, Dex and Dot. Dash is the fastest most active one, Dot hides and thinks the most, and Dex is my normal social baby.


Roborovski hamsters are super hyperactive and panic easily. They're a hit or miss in terms of getting along with each other when they get older. They used to share a home but started fighting when they were about 3-4 months old. When they sleep, they cuddle together, but when they're awake, they're squeaking and biting each other. So I had to separate them.


I used pine shavings for my very first hamster. At the time, I had read that it wasn't 100% safe but it was better than the deadly cedar (bad for them to breathe in).

Fast forward 2+ yrs after she had passed away, I finally decided to raise hamsters again. I was advised that Carefresh is now the safest thing out there.


Absorption is excellent. Their home is always dry. I used to have to rinse and scrub, but now all I have to do is dump out the old bedding and vacuum the bits of food leftover.

One bag lasts me a couple months. It doesn't last as long as when they were all in one ginormous cage though.

It doesn't look yucky at all when it's time to change their bedding. With the pine, you could always tell by looking at and smelling it that it's time.

There is never any trace of a pee smell.


The bedding itself has its own distinct smell that I've gotten used to, but non-hamster owners complain about it.

It's quite expensive, like most things that are healthier.

It's not really easy to get bedding out, especially when it's more than half full. It's such a ginormous bag, I can't just tilt and pour. It's also jam-packed in there, so the bedding doesn't roll out. I have to grab it out with my hand, and most of the time, pieces roll out of my hand and onto my floor. I'm not sure what they can do about this.

I wish it were re-sealable, but then it would probably be even more expensive.


I would definitely recommend this solely because it's the safest thing there is for your little ones. All my complaints are inconvenient bothersomes, but this is the best thing out there.