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Friday The 13th: The Beginning Of A Great Comedy

Reviewing: Horror Friday The 13th, Part 1  |  Rating:
By pillowpants on
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Seeing this movie after I had already seen various other sequals in this amazing series that makes no sense what-so-ever, I was amazed when I got this as part of the 9 movie series for christmas one year.

Friday the 13th is a story of something which I feel makes no sense. Some old womans kid dies at a camp, so a few years later after all the counselars involved are gone, the old lady shows up at the camp armed with a butcher knife and a burlap sack mask and goes on a killing spree.

The death scenes are wonderfully corny, and full of fake blood. It pretty much adheres to the cardinal rules of horror movies which I have noticed are

1. If you have sex, you die shortly after

2. Running anywhere but out the door to get away from a psycho is a surefire way to get killed.

Basically, this was the beginning of an amazing series and although I was disappointed when I first saw it because Jason wasn't in it, I still enjoyed some crazy mother on a revenge kick trying to kill everyone.