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Friends One Of The Best Series In The World!

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By saralovesyou on
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This box-set can be bought online on amazon, or in high street stores such as HMV, or Zavvie.

I don't think Friends will ever fail to please me. I remember when the last show was announced in 2004 and i was quite upset about it because i loved the series but then i realised its not a problem as they always replay it on e4, and even if they repeat ones i've watched i still do enjoy watching it as much as i did the first time.

It always makes me happy because of all the characters and really every episode is as good as any other despite the fact their are over 200 episodes. It's basically about a bunch of friends living in New York and you get to see how they get along as friends and it's really nice to watch. All the characters have their own unique personality.

- Ross (David Schwimmer) is a paleontologist who's interested in Science and is always the one to be saying smart remarks and at some points you can tell he is quite shy.

- Joey (Matt LeBlanc) is a food loving man, he loves the sandwiches and pizza! He's also quite stupid sometimes, not understanding stuff the rest of the group do but i still think thats what makes LeBlanc's character so effective!

- Monica (Courtney Cox) is cleaning obsessed and likes things to be organized and she loves cooking. She used to be fat but she slimmed down and she's much more confident.

- Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) is an animal lover and is quite strange and eccentric and can sometimes be in her own world. Whenever i think of her i think of Joey as well because they're just as slow as each-other when the rest of the group are stating something :)

- Chandler (Matthew Perry) is the one always making jokes and always finding himself in akward moments because of that. He's best friends with Joey and together they love watching t.v and drinking beer.

- And last but not least, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) is interested in fashion. She's also a very confident women and she seems to be good with the men!

I know that if i turn my t.v channel over to e4 in the evening it's likely to be on with a double bill and that easily pleases me as there's usually nothing as satisfying to watch as friends! The reason i think it's such an excellent show is because of its witty humor and the actors in it are superbly good at showing affection to each other, and how good friends they are. Of course, whenever there is a sad moment, there's always is one person such as Joey or Chandler telling a joke to lighten up the mood for the viewers and to make it less serious which i think is good.

Of course, you can't forget the star guest appearances with the likes of ;

Brad Pitt (Jennifer Aniston's ex-husband whom he ditched for Jolie), who played an old friend of Monica and enemy of Rachel.

George Clooney, who played a doctor when Monica and Rachel switched Names

Bruce Willis, who played Ross' student girlfriend's dad (confusing much?) and also took to the likes of Rachel

and others such as Danny De Vito, Jean Claude van Dame, Robin Williams and Reese Witherspoon.

All in all, this show was a very successful show, and i don't think you could find another similar to it, with failed sitcoms such as Joey, the Class, and the list goes on. It's worth watching it and my sister even bought all 10 seasons for a mere price of 100 pounds last year, and the price is lowering even further! If you haven't watched any episodes of this, you haven't lived. I don't know anyone who hasn't watched it because of it's success!

So, i would deeply, deeply recommend you buy it as it's one of the best things you'll have seen in a while!