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Frigidaire 18.5 Cu Ft Stainless Fridge

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For someone who only a few years ago was saying that she'd never own all those neat looking stainless steel appliances on the market? Well, boy, have I done a full 360!

It started with the dishwasher and when we laid the new floor, well the room screamed for more great looking stainless steel accents. Our fridge, which was a 90's vintage side by side complete with ice maker, was having problems keeping a constant temperature in both the fridge and freezer compartments. When we began doing our hydro investigation we were certain it would be a hog, but it turned out not to be too bad. We decided to hang onto it for awhile longer until last week it began 'peeing' on our new floor. Well, that wasn't acceptable and so out we went to see what we could find for a new fridge.

We looked at a number of them, some I fell in love with but this time around we wanted something that was really roomy and that meant we couldn't look at all the side by sides. Apparently, the fridges with the freezer above and the refrigerator below are one of the more energy efficient styles, so that's one of the features we decided to go with.

The fridge we finally settled on is listed in the EnerGuide as a 383 kw/year fridge, costing approximately $38.00 a year to operate. It's an 18 cu. ft. capacity and has tons of room inside. The mid level lighting is bright and the entire interior can easily be seen at a glance. The two climate controlled crispers at the bottom are clear allowing you the opportunity to view whatever is inside them easily and quickly...a feature my poor "I hate bending" children love.

It's 29.75" width fits nicely into the space. The door holds a huge amount of things on the 3 separate 2 gallon bin shelving and as a family who has oodles of condiment bottles, the shelving works great to keep them within easy reach and neatly stored. The shelving inside the fridge is all easy clean, spill resistant and stylishly clear glass that can be adjusted to suit.

The freezer compartment includes a shelf on the door as well as one within the freezer and holds a good deal of frozen products saving us from having to make extra trips to the large freezer in the garage.

It runs so quietly that you barely hear it and it's sleek stainless steel front with finger-print resistant black sides gives it a stylish look which is accented by black curved handles on both the top freezer and the main door section. The door handles are reversible, able to be installed on either the right or left.

The feature my husband loves is the 'auto close' one, yes indeed - this fridge helps those who forget to close the door! When this first happened my husband was certain the floor was crooked, but then he investigated it and realized that the fridge door does indeed close by itself if left open for more than 40 seconds. Of course we all had to test this out and in our family, it's one of the best features the fridge could have.

This model didn't come with the ice maker but it's set for one and all we have to do is purchase the additional equipment. As our other fridge had this feature, the water is already available and will be a quick matter of just installing it when we do pick one up.

From the moment of installing it until 48 hours later, this fridge cost all of $0.02 to run. Transferring what was in the old fridge to the new one, due to the room available, made it look as though we are a family that lives off of very little. There was plenty of room for everything we had and then some.

We've purchased a number of Frigidaire appliances in the last while and have found them to be reliable and trouble free. For the money, this particular fridge is perfect in both looks and capacity.

The only drawback, which really is an obvious - is finger prints on the stainless steel, but then, that's what I signed up for when I decided that stainless steel was going to be allowed in the house so I really shouldn't complain about it. A quick wipe though with stainless steel cleaner makes keeping it print free a pretty easy task.

It's taking us awhile to get use to it though, when we're at the counter, out of our peripheral vision it looks as though someone is standing behind us - I guess we're just not use to seeing a sleek black and steel machine were an almond colored one use to stand. We think we can live with that though.

Update On Mar 16, 2009: Mar 16/09: Oh oh...The upper shelf on the door fell off last week - hinge cracked & broke off & 3 plastic condiment bottles, an almost empty flax seed bag and 3 little butter pats fell on the floor :) so could have been worse. We have no young children & the fridge is not roughhoused so I contacted Frigidaire about this and also about the poorly sealing doors that we can't seem to adjust. If I hear back I'll report here. This is the 1st problem we've had with any Frididaire appliance & we have several so we will see how this works out. I am trusting we just got a unit made on a Friday ;)