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Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator

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bubbacat By bubbacat on
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We purchased the Frigidaire Gallery Series Refrigerator several years ago. This has been a pretty good refrigerator but does have some issues. We owned a really old refrigerator that was excellent but just wanted something new. I asked around but I guess I just asked the wrong people. The refrigerator looks beautiful with black sides and a stainless steel front. Looks aren't everything though! I wish I had known about the space in side by sides. If you want to buy a big frozen pizza or meat/cheese tray, forget it. No room! Our space is so limited. We have one whole side as a freezer and the racks are small. We actually had to buy a cheap refrigerator for the basement to hold other items. It is a cheap refrigerator but really does the job for storage. One thing I want to emphasize, I would not buy a side by side again. The icemaker is a problem in the fridge too. When the pan gets full of ice, it just keeps on making ice. You have to manually lift the bar up to stop the icemaker. The crushed ice component does not work anymore. This was my favorite feature. I was looking at some of the newer models. I like the one that the front top opens like two doors with a freezer drawer on the bottom. Hope I make the right decision next time or someone can lead me to a more efficient space enhancing fridge. This fridge is quiet. Overall, it has been a good refrigerator only not what I expected. If you have the need for space, take this into consideration. Or you will be buying another fridge! I like having the water/ice on the door but this is another feature that will be prone to repairs. We can't afford all these warranties and service calls in this troubled economy of ours. Next time, I will look for a refrigerator with much more room minus all the repair prone perks!