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Frigidaire Good Until Warranty Expires?

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When we bought our home, we had to purchase the appliances. We ended up with a Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator with ice and water in the door. The unit was the only one available to fit in our small refrigerator space allotment and still allow us the convenience of ice and water in the door.

Within 6 months of purchase the icemaker went array. We called warranty and the issue was addressed in good time. However, the customer service representative was abrupt, almost accusative, with me. The technician sent was amiable and from a local service center, independent of Frigidaire. It has given us ice since.

Recently I was cleaning the cabinet and noticed a “bubbling” under the molding of the dispenser. My husband said it was rust. It is called “orange peel” as it appears similar to an orange in texture. I immediately referred to our warranty.

The guarantee covers 1-year top to bottom and 5 years on cabinet liner, compressor, evaporator, condenser, drier and tubing. I tried to call the Frigidaire number and it was disconnected. I had to go online to get the new number. When I finally got Frigidaire on the line, the representive told me cosmetic issues are not covered. Again this representative was abrupt and proceeded to mispronounce my name after I said and spelled it to her 3 times.

The issue is obviously caused by a leak in the tubing from the ice and water dispenser. It originates from under the molding. I could not win here.

I asked for numbers for local technicians to try to get this fixed myself (or at least get to speak with someone in the know). She was put off by this but gave me 3 numbers.

I called the closest and spoke with a tech. He told me he has seen this before. He also said Frigidaire won’t fix the issue even though it is a design problem.

A new door is going to run us $226.99 plus shipping and handling and installation, if my husband can’t do it.

I am extremely disappointed in Frigidaire. I believe something that costs over $1000 should stand the test of time.