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Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Spray

Reviewing: John Frieda Collection Firm Hold Moisture Barrier Hair Spray  |  Rating:
lexxia By lexxia on
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I've tried several of the Frizz-Ease products over the past few years and during a visit to a local Pharmacy I found a full line of John Frieda Frizz-Ease on sale. Bonus! One of these products was the Moisture Barrier Hair Spray in a 350ml can which states to provide a Firm-Hold with an instant style-supporting barrier and helps to seal out humidity.

I have naturally wavy hair which I've flat ironed on a regular basis for almost 2 years now. Under normal conditions a simple de-frizz oil or moisturizing cream works well but for those times when weather becomes damp, rainy or very hot with a high humidex rating, my hair quickly recoils to its natural state, frizz and all.

The silver can accented with dark blue/purple writing lists a number of ingredients that are standard in most hair spray products on the market and comes with the normal warning not to smoke or use near open flame while spraying or until the spray has dried.

The claim of firm-hold is not an understatement with this particular spray. It goes on in a fine mist, the spray nozzle is receptive to the touch and easily allows for full coverage with little effort. The can itself fits comfortably in the hand and even with Carpel Tunnel symptoms, I have found it takes little effort to use. There is little scent to it making it an ideal choice for those who may be sensitive to the more over powering perfumed scented sprays available. You can quickly set or plump up your hair style without it feeling sticky or cardboard stiff and the hair remains quite soft to the touch even if the hair becomes wet from rain, there is no sticky residue. A little of this spray goes a long way and for those who like their sleek straight looks to remain that way, or simply want to control their hair style no matter whether straight, curly or wavy this product offers the type of control that leaves the hair manageable and protected.

Weather conditions the past few days have been ideal for testing this hair spray out and with rain and dampness prominent, my hair would normally quickly change from smooth and straight to wavy and frizzy but even after standing in rain drenched conditions, my hairstyle has remained straight and without any frizz at all.

The barrier protection doesn't quit even after a full day of humid conditions. I have forgone shampooing for a second day just to see whether re-application becomes necessary yet my hair remains exactly as I originally styled it...straight, sleek and shiny.

This product would work well on it's own but when combined with the John Frieda line of Weather Works Shampoo and Conditioner, the staying power appears to be exceptional.

The price for the Moisture Barrier Hair Spray varies by location/Country from approx $5.99 to $9.99. Sales for the product are available occasionally. In my area the spray sells for $9.99 but the sale price was $4.99. A good reason to stock up on a product that with all indications does exactly what it claims to do.

I'll continue to use this product for those times when I know my hair will benefit from the protection. It's money well spent and it works as advertised.

Update On May 31, 2008: This review was meant to have a 4.9 rating, obviously I did something wrong :) It is most definitely a terrific product which I recommend to anyone seeking out better control over their hair styles.