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Reviewing: Huawei E220 Hsdpa Usb Modem  |  Rating:
Jemmy Hosea By Jemmy Hosea on
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The booming of HSDPA USB modems gets positive response from computer users. As a result, this matter has triggered a great selling of the product itself. One of the biggest companies that produce this kind of modem is Huawei Corporation, which is based in China. Huawei Corporation produces so many kinds of USB modems, including Huawei E220, which is my best choice to buy. I bought this modem last year for $150. I like this modem because it is mobile, which means I can carry it anywhere, connect it with any device (laptop, or PC), and connect using all type of GSM card. Huawei E220 support GPRS, HSDPA (3.6mpbs), and even HSUPA (7.2mbps) network (you must upgrade the firmware to make it run at 7.2mbps). Right now I am using HSDPA network only, because the operator only support that speed. Event though sometimes the speed so slow, sometimes is fast (depending on the network traffic), I am glad to use this modem. This modem also using a built-in antenna to make it looks cool. It also has small shape, just the size of cigarette pack, makes this modem looks light and compact. With this modem, I can expand my network from home, making new friends from all over the world, seeking for many kind of information, and even do online jobs, just like writing this review.

Update On Oct 30, 2009: This modem support all type of GSM cards and does not use additional battery as the power source. The disadvantage is that it uses additional USB cable for connecting the device into USB port. Also, there is one indicator led which function as the network indication. When the led turns yellow, the network run at GPRS mode, when it turns green, it run at EDGE mode, when it turns blue, it run at WCDMA mode, and when it turns cyan, it run at HSDPA mode.