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From High Heels To Bunny Slippers

Reviewing: From High Heels To Bunny Slippers Author: Christine Conners M.A.  |  Rating:
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I rarely read anything that might be thought of as a "self-help" book. I am such a huge fan of fiction that non-fiction just does not interest me. This book is definitely the exception.

If anyone else out there has transitioned from a career to staying home with there children you know it is hard. Not only because you morn the loss of your former career self, but because your self-esteem can be put into a tale spin. Your working friends might think you are now sitting around eating bon bons and watching general hospital. You can feel amazingly alone even though you are with you little on all day.

It was great to have a book to read that explains your feelings, that explains that these feelings are normal and yes the choice to stay home with your children does have it's sacrifices.

The book begins by discussing daycare and it's ups and downs. It goes into what the life change can be like. Staying home effects your marriage and your relationships outside your home. It also discussed depression and the stresses that you will inevitable face. It also looks into finances and the thought process that goes through your mind when deciding whether or not being a stay at home parent is right for you.

This is a great read for anyone thinking about giving up there career to stay at home with there children, it is also invaluable when if comes to helping the new stay at home transition.