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From Non Human To Human

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About a year ago, my mom found out that she has a B12 deficiency and requires shots every month.

Two months ago my one sister found out she has the same deficency but not as bad. She only has to take oral medication.

Being this deficiency is hereditary, my other sister and I thought we should get it checked out for ourselves.

Sure enough, we both have a mild case. Our doctor told us to take Centrum Performance.

I've been taking this multivitamin for only two weeks but feel 80 percent better and it has helped my sypmtoms.

Some symptoms of B12 deficiency are, tiredness, poor concentration and memory, being easily irritated, depression and tingling and numbness in the arms and fingers.

The deficiency could also be linked to Alzheimer's disease.

There are more symptoms but these are the ones that we have.

There are various types of Centrum but this specific type is formulated for energy and vitality.

I take one pill a day first thing in the morning with water. The only down fall to taking this vitamin is the size of it but is well worth the hassel of choking it down.

Centrum Performance is a very big deal in my life, I have four children and need to be on my toes.