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Fuel Cap Review

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Talk about Murphy's Law. I have in-laws who often borrow my car to run errands. Usually I get a little gas money in return, but this time they decided to be nice and stopped at a gas station and filled it up themselves... and then drove away without the gas cap.

I know very little about vehicle parts and maintenance, but I do know that cold winters plus no gas cap could equal moisture and condensation in my tank, causing even bigger problems. So as soon as I noticed, I ran to Canadian Tire to get a new one.

When I arrived, I was overwhelmed to find half an aisle devoted just to gas caps, (Apparently they come in all shapes and sizes based on the type and model of vehicle. Who knew?) but the sales woman in the automotive section was great! She entered the make, model, and year of my car into the computer, found what type I needed and brought me right to it.

I was relieved to discover that a replacement cap doesn't cost much. Just $8.88. It was exactly what I needed. I like how easy it twists and locks into place, and that it makes a clicking noise, so you know that it is on tight. The cap has also been emmissions tested and prevents fumes from escaping.

So, if you ever find yourself in need of a gas cap due to theft or "oops", you now know where to get one. I give MotoRad the thumbs up for making a product that is both good and cheep, and I give Canadian Tire the thumbs up for quick and helpful service!