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Fujifilm 2mb Xd Cards. "Some Day My Prints Will Come."

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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XD card by Fujifilm.

These memory cards made by Fujifilm are the XD type, and have a capacity of 2mb (which is not a lot these days) They have been around for a few years now, and have become rather popular. XD stands for eXtreme Digital, and the cards can be used in any system requiring this type of storage, from cameras to voice recorders. These are called "Postage stamp" sized cards. They measure 20mm x 25mm x 1.78mm.

You can get cheaper ones, made by companies you have never heard of, but this is a gamble in my opinion, so it is best to stick with names you know. Fujifilm has been making this type of equipment for many years, and they have a reputation. You may like to look at the excellent Fujifilm website.

The cost of the cards has come down quite a lot recently, you can find them for less than £15 sterling. Remember to include P&P if buying off websites, I know these weigh almost nothing, but some companies charge a fortune to post them to you.. You can buy them on the high street as well of course, but at a much higher price.

These cards come in two types, known as the "M" and the "H" types. The two cards have different methods of encoding, but that is of no concern to us, as they are interchangeable and of course are compatible. The transfer rate for these cards works out at 5mb per second. They Fujifilm XD cards comes ready to use, you don't need to format them first.

I am a great fan of these cards, and in my opinion, Fujifilm is one of the better makes. A lot of the equipment that uses these cards comes with a basic small-capacity card, but you can easily upgrade to a bigger one. These Fujifilm XD cards do not come with any instructions because you will not need any. The cards can be changed very easily, although you have to be careful. If for instance you are changing cards in a camera, make sure you don't drop any, as they are not easy to see.

If using Fujifilm XD cards in a camera, either download the images directly to your laptop, or you can take the card to a local photo shop where you will be able to buy prints, these will be printed while you wait. You have another option though, you may wish to send the card to someone through the post. On receipt of the card, they can visit their local photo shop, where they can view the pictures, and decide which prints they would like.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that these Fujifilm XD cards are very good, and also very versatile. I give them my seal of approval.