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Fujifilm Fine Pix A610

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Sheara Camacho By Sheara Camacho on
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It has automatic mode and I use it a lot! It also has macro mode that I also use, but I sometimes wish I could get closer, as since I tend to shake a bit wile taking a photo it gets blurry. But the images are quite good when they work.

Video recording without audio and that made me quite sad as I didn't know that when I got the camera or I would not get it.

Can't be used as a webcam another thing that I got sad to find out while reading the box.

Zooms before video recording not during so if you want to zoom into something you must do it previously as it can not be altered once you start recording having to stop zoom in then record stop zoom out and record


MODES: Automatic, Baby; Text, Night; Party; Fireworks, Sports... and so on but I'm not good at these things so usually automatic is enough for me to get great photos, no night vision.

There's the possibility of taking photos underwater if you buy the waterproof case separately, I wish I could try it but I don't have the money for that, so all I know is it can do it.

No pouch, eats batteries a bit especially if using the flash a lot so I got 4 rechargeable batteries of 2500 mAh Ni-MH AA from Sony.

2GB card bought separate gives it more space and I think it was around 18€, this gives it about 600 photo capacity in best quality mode and over 1000 in worse quality mode.

Quite a bit of noise sometimes.

Camera software is quite easy to use but not as sophisticated as some programs I've seen. The camera needs to have battery if you are passing the images to your computer or it might go off and you might think all the images are on the computer if your distracted, when thy didn't in fact pass on to the computer since the camera ran out of batteries.

It was given to me a few years back, and though at times I'm not happy with the photos, most of the time they come out quite nicely, one of the things that annoys me is sometimes it takes long from pone photo to another so when I'm trying to catch something that might not be there in 5 seconds I find it quite frustrating.

It might not be professional photography, but it is a nice camera if all you want is to get some good photos to develop for friends and family.

The recording leaves some to desire, as there is no sound and when played back on the computer it has a lot of visual noise, loosing some of it's charm.

It also isn't good if you want a webcam as it lacks this function.

If you don't have a memory card to put in it there is hardly any space, so please get it if you are considering getting a memory card with it, but now the camera and memory cards are much cheaper then when it was purchased.

Another thing I had a hard time with was taking really far photos at night of the city as the lights tended to do wierd zigzags or blur, but maybe with some more knoladge of the fuctions this could be overcome, I sure had a hard time from big distances trying to capture the city from a high mountain at night or so on.

I think I noticed the option to turn the digital zoom off if you only want the optical zoom, but I don't like messing with the settings to much as I'm not very good with all that stuff.