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Fun, But Limited

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Jennifer Tang By Jennifer Tang on
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I got this as a gift for christmas about a year ago from my brother. My sister had killed my SP so I was more than thrilled to get this.

Since then, I have played many games and tested the different aspects of this game system. There are many games for this, though not all of them are very fun. I have tried many of them and the pickings are slim. Depending on the game, the graphics vary.

For adventure/action games, the graphics are a little less than satisfactory. It's as if they had created this full scale game then squeezed it into a smaller format just for the DS. Sometimes the games are a bit fuzzy and other times everything is detailed. Really, graphic details depend on the game more than the DS.

There have been many fun games for the DS though. Such as the games I previously reviewed: The Phoenix Wright Series. I was a little disappointed with the Sims games on the DS. They weren't really all that entertaining and it felt more like I was forcing myself to play the games more than anything else.

The sound quality for each of the games were actually quite satisfactory. I sometimes had to turn down the volume because it was too loud and clear.

The touch screen makes it more interesting to play games, though not all games utilize this capability. Such as the pokemon series which can be played without even touching the touch screen. Others utilize it to its fullest such as the Trauma Center games.

What's nice about the DS is that some companies have created some learning software for the gaming system. No other system has games that teach you, so it was a change of pace. Though it may sometimes be dull, it is possible to learn that way. I have learned a lot, actually.

I like the DS: it's easier to play with than other gaming systems and it's passed the old Game Boy Advanced SP, in my opinion. So enjoy~