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Fun, Chewable Toy For Small Animals

Reviewing: Pets International, Ltd Small Animals Roll N Chew  |  Rating:
By kimberlymarie on
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I fawned over these for a while before purchacing... I thought the rats may really enjoy them.

Overall, I’m not sure it was exactly worth buying - I don’t think I’d buy them again. However, maybe it was just an oddity that only one of the rats took any interest in the product! The others could care less.

The one who did like it, LOVED it. He spent days chewing it, piece by piece, until there was none left. I do see this as a success, though! Better one than none!

It comes with some sort of glue that’s supposed to be safe. You’re supposed to glue the pieces together, so they last longer. I will admit, I did not do that. I wasn’t comfortable using it, editable or not. Glue just doesn't equate something you should give animals in my opinion. The “ball” really wasn’t, since there was nothing keeping it together, but the rat that enjoyed it didn’t mind, and I felt better not using the glue. I’m sure it’s fine, as I haven’t heard of any animals getting sick, but I am paranoid. ;)

So, I guess I would recommend this if you’re looking for something different, but I wouldn’t expect miracles. As far as chewing, when there is an animal that enjoys it, they seem to REALlY enjoy it... It’s worth that.