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Fun... Incredibly Fun!

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I remember when I was being taken to a family trip in Thailand for the first time by my parents (I was still in middle school, I think), and we got to this beautiful beach, Patong Beach, located in Phuket, Thailand. My father urged me to do this parasailing sport, and when I saw those para-sailors fly up in the sky, I thought that it’s a worth-trying sport. Must be fun way up there! So my father paid the fee (I’m not so sure about the price since it’s been a long time ago, maybe around 500-700 Thailand Baht, I don’t know). Next thing I know, I was dressed up by the crews, for the parasailing. Some things like floating jacket, and hooks to get the parachute were put on me. Then the coach gave me some explanations about the parasailing procedures, such as the safety procedure, what to do when falling into the sea, which rope should be pulled if I wanted to land, etc. Once I was up in the sky, wow.. it was such an indescribable feeling! I could feel my adrenalin pumped up! It was such an adventurous experience I won’t forget... I think I became addicted to parasailing because of this experience. Every time I got to a place that has parasailing feature, I would do it. Fun.. Incredibly fun!