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Fun With Flying Metal Objects

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Growing up I can remember playing washers (along side Bocce Ball) in the backyard at every family reunion, graduation, and summer birthday or holiday. Back then we played with a homemade set, 2x4's nailed to particle board and a PVC pipe in the center. Was it fun? Yes. Functional? Semi. Attractive? Not at all.

Fast forward a decade, almost two, and Sportscraft the gaming king of the world comes out with a wonderfully fun, functional, and attractive washer game that reminds me of being a kid.

When I was younger we had always just thrown the washer game boxes in the back of the station wagon along with the washers, which we ended up having to search for under the seats every time. I know there was Ziploc bags at the time I just don't know what we were thinking. Sportscraft solved both these problems by interlocking the game boxes to create a storage for the washers and easy transporting and carrying of the game itself.

The washers from the Sportscraft set are standard metal washers painted blue and red. Ages ago I remember seeing a water version of the game that had rubber around them. That's the only thing I have to say I would change about this set. The large metal washers have a tendency to knick items they hit including the game boxes, players on the opposing team and unfortunately placed wine glasses. Note of caution the washers can deflect if you hit the box at the wrong angle.

The basic principal of the game is to have two sides shooting washers into the game boxes at the feet of the opposing team. It you get a washer in the box you get a point, if you get a washer in the tubing in the middle you get 5 points. The first team to 21 wins.

I would highly recommend getting this set or any set to add to your summer fun. To this day we don't have a party outside without one. In fact we usually have two.