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Function: Urban Detox Goji Berry

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bargainlove By bargainlove on
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After coming from the park and sneezing from the pollen dancing in the air, being out along the street walking pass speeding cars and buses with smelly fumes, I had breathed in alot of environmental hazards and just wanted to clear my system out as well as have something refreshing to drink. I discovered this product while visiting the local CVS in my neighborhood and a man had cups for taste testing the various Function flavored water products. I tested everything he had on display.

The one I am reviewing, Goji Berry, is one of the better tasting ones I think. Although it is not as sugary as the Koolaid you probably drank when you were a child, it's healthy. This product contains only 12 grams of real cane sugar per 8 oz serving so for someone who prefers a sweeter product, this may remind you of watered down Koolaid. It has vitamins in it like Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin-B12, Calcium, and Magnesium.

I was impressed with it because the product's creators are doctors. They claim that it helps "fight hangovers and rid your lungs and sinuses of certain airborne polutants using the "smog-scrubbing" antioxidant NAC and natural anti-inflammatory prickly pear extract." This information is printed conveniently on the front of the label. I like the bottle's simple design no complicated caps or fancy shape. I also like the color of the drink and the design of the label. I recommend this drink to the athletic and the health conscious. However, for those of you who love your sodas, you may not like this drink, because it has no fizz!

Update On Apr 02, 2011: I would not recommend these drinks to anyone who has a history of panic anxiety attacks. I don't know for sure what happened after I drank another drink from the same line which had caffeine in it, but what I can say is my heartbeat was elevated to the point that I almost hit the floor. The paramedics came and took me away. I discovered that I have to read the label of any of these vitamin drinks to be sure they don't have caffeine in them. This particular one I reviewed doesn't have it, but check the others from this line of drinks. I haven't been able to find this drink for awhile now, hmm.