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Functional, Good Looking Budget Hard Drive

Reviewing: Seagate Freeagent Go 1 Tb  |  Rating:
By underdc on
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I had previously owned a Seagate Freeagent Go 250GB external hard drive, and I only have good things to say about it. The disc sat on my desktop for a couple of years and I never noticed it was there. It was quiet and fast. I got the 1TB version because I was running out of space. So, I retired the old one. This version is silver, unlike the older black one. The first thing that I noticed that it scratchs way easily. I got a 1 inch scracth line without even handling the drive much. Other than that, the drive looks pretty smart and the LED activity light is actually the Seagate logo, which looks great. I don't look at it much, but it really is easy on the eye.

The hard drive works great. I got some 960 "real" gigabytes for use in it. The drive came pre-loaded with some security software that I really don't need, so I deleted it. The speed is pretty good, even via USB. This doesn't have any Firewire or eSata connections, so it's the only way you can use it. It took me 20+ minutes to transfer the 250GB of the old drive into this one. But copy operations from my Macbook's hard drive are considerably faster. I formatted the disc to Mac Os Extended (Journaled) so I didn't have to bother with installing NTFS on Mac.

The only one complaint that I have about my disc is that it goes to sleep regularly and when it wakes up it makes a funny "click" noise. I've heard noises like that when hard drives are about to die. It might be my hard dying, but then it might be my mind playing tricks. Also, the base that comes with the hard drive looks made of cheap plastic; nothing like the old hard base that Seagate discs used to come with.

All in all, if that sound isn't a bad omen of things to happen, I am pretty happy with the drive. It is good-looking, it has a lot of space in it and if it is anything like the old 250GB one, it is built to last.