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Fungus Free Thanks To Root Up

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My parents-in-law love gardening, my hubby does too. The problem was that we live in area that has so many bugs, ants and the plants are easily to get withered very soon because they easily got diseases from fungus or things like that. Thanks to this fertilizer, Root-Up, that we can now enjoy the plants and see them grow. We got this fertilizer from my parents-in-law. They love gardening so much that everytime they go to the gardening store they always seek something for us to solve our gardening problem. Root-Up is a hormone that stimulates root growth especially for plants that is being regenerated by vegetative method. It contains fungicide to prevent fungus and infection and other diseases especially on the torn/scratched part. The active ingredients in this hormone are:

1-Napthalenesetamide: 0.2%

2-Metil-1-Napthalene acetat: 0.03%

Indol-3-butirate: 0.06%

Thiram: 4%

To use this we should mix it with water until it becomes some kind of paste, then take some and rub it gently to the affected area. Or else, dip the affected area into the paste. That's it. It's really fun to have this, and the result can be seen in a matter of two days or so. Our plants grow and free from diseases because of this great product. Recommended!