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Fur Dvd Review

Reviewing: New Line Home Video Dvd  |  Rating:
By mizdiz on
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This movie stars Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey, Jr. Nicole Kidman plays Diane Arbus. Diane starts taking photographs and she is fascinated with anything out of the ordinary. Her neighbor is Robert Downey, Jr and he has a condition that causes him to have hair all over his body - like a wolf man. He has friends in the circus and she ends up spending a lot of time with him and his friends, rather than her own husband and children. I did not like this movie, but yet found it bizarre and intriguing. I finished watching it because I just had to see how it ended and quite frankly, it fascinated me since this was loosely based on someone's real life. The movie moved slow and I would not watch it again. I did complain to a friend about it and she said she liked it, so I guess some people will like this.

I haven't seen Nicole Kidman in a good movie in quite a while. I look forward to missing any and all of her future roles.