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Fu Rminator Cat De Shedding Tool

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Cindy Leggett By Cindy Leggett on
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I share my home with six indoor-only cats. As you can imagine, six cats can and do shed a LOT of hair. I manage to keep up with it so that everything in the house wasn't covered in cat hair with the use of various products, but the one at the top of hte list is the FURminator Cat deShedding tool. This product claims to reduce shedding by up to 90 percent - personally, I think it's closer to 100%! It works on both long and short haired cats... dogs too! It rakes out the undercoat and any loose hair, leaving your cat sleek, soft, and shiny.

Once you use the FURminator, you will be sold on it, too. On the first use, I did not expect to get around a FIST-SIZED mass of shed fur off of ONE cat, but that was my experience. Better off than in the cat in the form of a hairball, or scattered on my carpet and furniture! Don't be misled by the looks of this tool. It is gentle to the cats skin and my cats just love to be groomed with it.

The FURminator can be a bit messy to use, as so much loose hair comes off. Have a vacumn cleaner handy for quick cleanup. You will be amazed at how much hair comes off of your cat! This product is well worth the price, too. Just think... no more having to buy lint rollers for your clothing and furniture! It almost can pay for itself the very first time you use it. I highly recommend this product!