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Fu Rminator Removes Hair Like You Wouldn't Believe!

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Jennifer Regan By Jennifer Regan on
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I have two Akitas. They don't shed, they blow their coat, twice a year (usually). Their undercoat comes out in chunks...all over the house! This can last over a month, unless you ehlp the process along by brushing them out during this time. My dogs do not blow their coat on the same schedule, unfortunately, so I need something that is easy to use and extremely effective, or I'd be brushing them all day, every day. I've tried a variety of deshedding tools - rakes, etc. Nothing worked until my Aunt gave me a FURminator.

Holy Cow! This little brush really works wonders! In just a few minutes, I can get more hair off of one dog that I could in hours of using other brushes. The FURminator does not rip or cut hair, it just gather the loose undercoat and gentle pulls it out as you are brushing. Even with brushing every day with a regular deshedding tool, it took weeks to get our dogs coat finished. Now it just take a few days. The dog are happier, we are happier....and we don't have to deal with massive amounts of hair around the house.

I highly recommend the FURminator for all dogs, even if yours don't blow coat the an Akita does. They make FURminators for cats and horses too...and a variety of shampoos, conditioners, and sprays to help condition your pet's coat!

If it sheds, it needs a FURminator!

Don't believe me? Check out one of the company's sample videos (I'll video tape my dogs next time too)