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Furniture For A Lifetime This End Up

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By Geralyn Hydock on
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When my two youngest sons were moving into a room to share, we were faced with searching for a sturdy set of bunk beds for them. While shopping in the mall one day, we decided to look at This End Up Furniture. We had seen the store before but never ventured into the store. I am so thankful that we decided to go in and look at the quality of the furniture as my sons still have the bunk beds which we bought almost fourteen years ago and they look like new.

The beds are made out of a heavy duty pine composition that varies in color. There are knots and unusual grain patterns in the wood which exudes a rustic feeling and a rough hewn appearance. The furniture is made to require minimum care and to last a lifetime.

Is the furniture sturdy you may ask? We wondered about this ourselves therefore we had our sons get up on top of the beds in the store. With them on the bed, we had them move around and jump. The beds didn't budge one bit. After we bought the beds and had them set up in our house, my husband and I decided to take a test drive ourselves. We both got up on top and tryed to shake the beds. Believe it of not, they did not budge. They are built like Sherman tanks!

These have to be the sturdiets set of bunk beds I have ever seen. I have seen cheaper imitations and they cannot caompare. You get what you pay for. Today each of my sons has his own bedroom therefore the bunks now serve as single beds that are long enough for them still. I might add that one son is 6'4" and the other son is 6'7".

Sadly to say, the store has closed most of its store locations but they maintain a website on the computere where you can still purchase the furniture. I believe there are a few stores still open down south. We were so impressed with the furniture's quality that we bought a bookcase, dresser, three piece shelf set, sofa, loveseat, and a toychest. Each and every piece has stood the test of time and looks just as good as when we first purchased them. The only things I have had to do is to replace cushions and sew a few couch covers. I highly recommend this furniture to families with children as not only is it sturdy but it stands the test of time!