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Future Weapons Season 1

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In the show you will see new weapons that are designed to aid in precison, comfort, decreasing casaulties, and efficiency. Just about anything you can think of for the military to get an advantage is in Future Weapons Sesaon 1 is in the show. You name it you will probably at least see something similar to it and then some things you could probably not think of.

More Confidence In My Nations Military

As I watch the show its easier to understand why the United States has the best military firepower in the world. When seeing all the weapons in the show I am assured that the United States military is doing everything they can to have and maintain the upper-hand when it comes to weapon technology. The enemies options are getting to be less and less.

The Look of the Weapons

The 2 words I think of when it comes to seeing many of the new weapons is Space Age.

My Favorite Weapons To Watch

Some weapons I found awesome looking in the show were machine gun advancements and weapons used for closed range combat. Its scary to see the new age machine gun in action as it can easily obliterate anything in its path. I would even say its much easier to take an air-craft down with it. You will see why the design makes it so devastating if you decide to watch the show. One of the cool close range combat weapons solves a problem of doing away with a deadly gamble that I'm sure killed many past soldiers because they had no other choice.

The Ease of Use

Some weapons that were also shown looked almost too easy to use. These are not toys but with how easy one weapon is it seems like it.

To Heck With This

Thats what its seems like the military said when it came to some of the weapon creations. Some past things the military would have to deal with in battle are basicly no longer necessary.

Delicate Weapon Designs

Some of the weapons look so unorganized and complex that they don't look like they will work but they do. Examples of this type of weapon is called the Censor Fuge.

How Far Can We Go?

I find my self wondering how far can military technology advancements go until there is a slow down in discoveries and other countries can get the same technology easier. when that time comes will their be a decison more for diplomacy and less of a consideration for war? You can only go so far.

The Exciting Perspective of Seeing All of Season 1

I can say watching all the weapons in action is Smart Weapons Galore. I love technology and seeing these future weapons in action was cool.

The Sad Perspective

Its sad that people feel the urge to develop weapons that cause so much destruction. Just think of how much more peaceful and progressive humanity would be if that fearful urge didn't exist.