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Fuzzi Bunz: A Wise Option

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By Brooklynn Meadows on
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Our family has used Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers almost exclusively on two different children for a total of two and a half years, and for a few months, I had both in Fuzzi Bunz (until older child was completely potty trained at 22 months old). We have tried many other styles of cloth diapers and disposables, and Fuzzi Bunz are by far our favorite. Fuzzi Bunz have been a large contributing factor in keeping our children diaper rash free, in addition to keeping our costs down. Fuzzi Bunz are not full of chemical absorbents, bleached and chemically treated materials, and Fuzzi Bunz don't fill up our landfills (the average child will use 5, 000 disposable diapers before they are potty trained!)

Fuzzi Bunz are a pocket style diaper, meaning the waterproof outer layer and the inner layer form a pocket into which one places inserts to hold the moisture. Placing your choice of inserts into each diaper is advantageous, as one can customize the level of absorbency to fit the situation (night time or long car trip vs. just hanging out at home). The thin fleece inner layer is very good at wicking moisture away from the child's skin to keep them dry and sheds solid material very well. This pocket design also makes it very easy for various caregivers to use, since once the insert is in place, the diaper goes on in one step - as easily as a disposable diaper.

Fuzzi Bunz prevent leaks better than any other cloth diapering system we have tried, and when changed in a reasonable amount of time, they also prevent leaks as well as the most expensive of their chemical counterparts.

Fuzzi Bunz is the trimmest fitting cloth diaper I have seen or tried, and Fuzzi Bunz are available in a wide array of colors. The absolutely only aspect that is less than perfect is Fuzzi Bunz ability to hold certain pants up – we have other cloth diapers with a shorter rise (length from crotch to waist) that seem to hold certain pairs of pants up better than Fuzzi Bunz or disposables (disposable diapers are even worse than Fuzzi Bunz with this, as they are so thin, stick up the child’s back so high, and are a smooth outer material that makes most pants slide right down the child’s bottom!) Fuzzi Bunz are available in various sizes (Preemie, Small, Medium, Petite Toddler, Large, Extra Large) so that you can have the best fit for your child, without dealing with the bulk of a one-size-fits all diaper. Most retailers are very helpful in helping you decide which is best for your child. Fuzzi Bunz is the only diaper a child will need!

Fuzzi Bunz wash and dry very nicely and more quickly than other cloth diapers, since the diaper is made up of thin fleece and the outer waterproof layer that can’t hold any moisture. If any discoloration occurs, it is easily rid by exposing to sunlight in order to naturally “bleach” it out. Fuzzi Bunz are secured with very durable plastic snaps, so one does not end up with a tangled ball of items stuck together with Velcro in the washer or dryer.

We have had very good experiences with Fuzzi Bunz all around, they have saved us large amounts of money, and we recommend them all the time to others.