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Gabapentin, originally a medicine prescribed to people who were epileptic, is now prescribed to relieve pain especially neuropathic pain such as people who have pain associated with a diabetes. It's also had some use for people with migraines and for women who suffer from hot flashes. A lot of times it's marketed under the name Neurontin. This medicine has really been a real blessing for me for over 20 years I suffered from chronic nerve pain. Doctor after doctor refuse to treat me or give me anything for the pain despite the fact it was so bad at times I could not function. Finally, last year, I walked into a doctors office loaded with articles on treating nerve pain and I told him of how I had been in pain for over 20 years with no relief from doctors and how my sister-in-law had told me about a new medicine she was being given to treat pain associated with her diabetes. Without even looking at the articles he wrote me a prescription for Gabapentin. Now this medicine did not cure me but I have less pain on a daily basis ( I still have some) and the severe bouts of pain that I used to have that would last for days, come less frequently. The only downside to this medicine that I experienced is drowsiness. It seems not to be as bad if I take this medicine on a full stomach.

Update On Jun 29, 2008: I will say this about Gabapentin it is not for everyone. I am on a low dose and it helps me but on higher doses people report having trouble with sleepiness and not being fully alert or clumsiness.