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Gacy Gacy Review

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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The movie based on the life story of the serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Introduction of the Film:

The beginning of the movie starts off with Gacy as a teenager and tries to give some excuse on the evil person he would become later on in his life. Personally I don't see the logic that would mess him up bad enough for him to grow up and do the things he did.

After the Introduction:

It then fast forwards to Gacy as an adult with his family.

The Main Topic That Never Goes Away:

The stench is always being brought up almost the whole time in the movie.

The Close Ups:

The movie goes out of its way to focus close ups of similar things throughout the movie.

The Implosive Insanity:

Gacys past actions throughout the movie start to build up and overwhelm him sending him on an emotional rollercoaster. Its causes his evil habits escalate.

Gacys Admiration:

Whats even more creepy is his liking for clowns.

The Other People In the Film:

Just about everybody looks unhappy in this film in all of the scenes. I know the movie isn't based on things to smile about but can't more people crack a smile somewhere. Its makes it very depression.

Other Notes About the Film:

The movie as far as scenes are concerned don't seem to be very organized. Also the movie speeds up past some scenes cause the story to lack the potential for a more engageing scenes and destroys the possibility of a better film. I think they just didn't want to be too outgoing when making this movie because it is based on real events of somebody who did horrible things. If thats the case I can understand.

The Ending:

The ending is very fast but brings up some facts about Gacy including his last words before he was executed by lethal injection.


I didn't think the film was directed very well. I recommend using your time watching other films.