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Galaga For Nes

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Galaga is one of the most famous and fun games of the Nintendo Entertainment system. It was created as a sequel to the popular Galaxian. The premise of the game is that you control a fighter ship that aims to eliminate bug-like galaga. The galaga are numerous and have different attack patterns. Included is the boss galaga with a tractor beam that wants to capture your ship. You can however use this to your advantage as retrieving the lost ship could enable you to use two fighter ships at once.

The game also has a bonus stage every four rounds which gives you the chance to accumulate points and get extra lives. As the game progresses, the AI becomes smarter and the opponents increase in speed and firepower.

I have spent hours on this game trying to master it. It is very easy at first but becomes challenging as the stages progress because all the firepower and the number of enemies increases the chance of getting hit.