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Game Pc Joypad

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By nemesisofmoles on
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As someone who plays alot of video games on my PC, alot of which I play 2 player with my friends, I was always annoyed at having to sit so close to them so we could both use the Keyboard. This was back when I was a freeloading kid with no money to speak off, so imagine my luck when I come accross this in GAME.

the controller itself is great, solid feeling and works amazingly well. It includes several fetures such as a toggable Turbo and Analog setting. My only complaint about the analog is that it seems to set itself up over your button configs. for example, pressing up on the left stick will make your character punch or something, very odd but a minor complaint as you can change it in the options of most games.

Other than that there is one thing I'm pretty perplexed about. I'm sure the thing has rumble support, I can see the equipment for it through the (rather stylish) perspex but for the life of me I have no idea how to work it.

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