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Gameboy Advanced Sp: Fun For Cheap!

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Cole Crews By Cole Crews on
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Ever since the release of the original GameBoy, Nintendo has made an effort to bring even more advanced and detailed hand-held gaming devices to consumers. So far, Nintendo has done a pretty good job. The GameBoy Advanced SP, released in 2003, stood out in my mind as one of the best hand-held gaming devices by Nintendo. Granted, the Nintendo DS is much more technologically advanced with dual screens, and more recently a 3D feature. However, the GameBoy Advanced still offers an exceptional gaming experience, for a much more affordable price.

One of the GameBoy Advanced SP's most reputable features is its size. The Gameboy Advanced SP has a flip screen that can open and close, making it one of the most compact hand-held gaming devices available. It has a width of 3.2 inches and a height of .9 inches. Its weight of only 4.0 oz makes it extremely easy to carry in your pocket. The controls are very easy to use and learn on almost any game, because of its simplicity. The shoulder buttons are a bit smaller than newer hand-held gaming devices, although it isn't a noticable flaw. The GameBoy Advanced SP also has the added advantage of a built-in light, which its predecessors don't have. This single feature alone may be what makes the GameBoy Advanced SP so great. And with a long-lasting battery life, your GameBoy won't shut off in the middle of an intense boss fight. But just in case, the warning light will alert you of a low battery life.

The GameBoy Advanced SP does not come with a headphone jack however. This won't allow you to play a game in silence when in public, or if you just like headphone sound quality better.

The GameBoy Advanced SP even comes in different colors, such as black, light blue, and pink. While the GameBoy Advanced SP is an excellent device for playing hand-held games, I will say that the majority of games available are for kids. This isn't necessarily a bad thing however, as certain titles, such as "Pokemon" have proven to be addictive for all ages. The Gameboy Advanced SP can even play games from the original GameBoy Advanced. Keep in mind that the GameBoy Advanced SP can be found for very cheap on sites such as Ebay.