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Gamecom 377 Gaming Headset.

Reviewing: Plantronics Game Com 377 Over The Head Stereo Headset  |  Rating:
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So one day I was browsing the Best Buy website just looking for a headset upgrade. I'd been looking for a nice headset what wouldn't run me for more than my current budget of $60 at the time. I was glad to have stumbled upon the Gamecom 377 model gaming headset made by Plantronics. Enough exposition, time for the review.

Let's start by going down the list of categories.

First of all, Customization. These headphones aren't customizable but that's to be expect being as they are headphones. The only real aspects of customization seen in this particular headset is the convenient ability to adjust the size of distance that the actual head phones expand to (In other words, adjust the size of the phones to your head) and to be able to set how far the Microphone Boom comes out. Overall customization rating: 3/5 because although the customizable features do as they're supposed to, I believe there could be maybe a few more options such as color choice (As in when buying fro the retailer, there is only one set of colors available and I believe that there could just be more being as the colors consist of a small piece of cloth.)

Next, Right/Left hand adaptability. Obviously, these headphones would be easy to adapt to either right or left hands so we'll leave this at a 5/5 without over complicating things.

Next, Ergonomics. Ergonomics is defined as "the science of designing the job, equipment, and workplace to fit the worker" which is more or less what these headphones do. These headphones are comfortable and are easily adaptable to with their over the head design. No type of strain or injury will be caused wearing these because of their padded features that just make these headphones (or equipment, as it would be in the definition) comfortable and easy to work with and adapt to. Overall rating: 5/5 because they do what they're supposed to comfortably.

Finally, for standard categories, we have durability. I'm not one to treat delicate items too nicely. Obviously, not purposely, but I'm just a clumsy guy and I need something that will withstand a fall off of a table or an occasional, accidental, plug yanking and these headphones do just that. As I've stated, I'll occasionally bump my headphones off of a table or desk. Well more than occasionally. Truthfully, I bump these things off of something over a 1 foot drop at LEAST once a day. It's usually off my bed but I digress. I've had these headphones for about 5 months now and everything is still working great. Also, I've mentioned plug yankings. That's mainly because when they're in my desktop, the cord will try to trip me up because I don't pay much attention. Still working great with awesome sound. Overall rating: 5/5 because these have withstood the test of time so far and I don't plan on having to get new headphones soon.

Onto categories I've added because I felt that they should be there.

First, Sound quality. Of course a consumer would want to know about a headphone's sound quality before buying them. These headphones honestly do their job GREAT. Even with a simple card in say an old Inspiron E1505 laptop (which I am currently using), everything just sounds great. Especially because of the thick, noise canceling borders around the actual headphone module, everything is filtered directly to you. The is also the matter of the phenomenal bass. If you're used to something like iPod headphones or just some regular headphones, you will hear an INSTANT difference in your favorite song with this headset. The bass will simply blow you away.

Next, Ease of use. I originally just bought these headphones so that I could listen to some music, watch videos on YouTube and talk to some friends on Skype. I obviously underestimated these headphones. Everything is so easy to use that obviously more potential would try to be reached with all of the options laid out for you. For starters, it has the simple ease of plug and play. Naturally you would think to just plug some headphones in and be good to go, correct? Sadly some headphones decide to be so upscale that there is proprietary software to be installed. At least these are some good headphones with a simple plug in, start enjoying standard that most do have but all don't.

Next, Microphone quality. I can't exactly say that I LOVE this mic but it does it's job. My main problem is that it doesn't extent far enough for me. Personally, I enjoy the noise cancellation being as I love to run the fan in the background which is a great feature because not only does it cancel my fan, it cancels my TV noise also. But back to the expansion, it just doesn't come out far enough for me. I'm a naturally quiet guy because I like to respect other's moods and maybe they just don't want to hear someone yelling into their microphone. Sadly, it usually thinks that I'm just another sound to be filtered out unless I increase my volume just a bit. Also because I like to game at night and though the others in the house sleep pretty soundly, I still like to respect their sleeping.

Finally, Comfort. These headphones are VERY comfortable, at least in my opinion. I like these headphones specifically because the top of the bridge has a nice large pad on it, as well as the "earmuffs". The padding makes it so that once you've adjusted, you don't even realize that you are wearing headphones. There is also the comfort of the design. The design is basic, used often and basically runs the "if it ain't broke" rule. It simply WORKS.

Overall rating, this headset does an excellent job in a variety of categories and deserves the 5/5 I've given it.

That's been my two cents, I hope that this review has helped you decide yay or nay on whether you are going to get this headset.