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Games Are Always Better With The Lights Off

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It's the game that combines lasers with a classic strategy. Not unlike chess, this tech-savy board game is deceptivly addictive. The goal? To illuminate your opponents Pharoah piece while protecting your own. Players alternate turns moving Egyptian-themed pieces having two, one or no mirrored surfaces. All four types of pieces (pharaoh, obelisk, pyramid and djed column) can either move one square forward, back, left, right, or diagonal, or can stay in the same square and rotate by a quarter twist. Sounds complicated? It's not. There are only three movement choices per turn, however those choices can be applied to any of your pieces on the board. I thought that my problem solving skills would make short work of this game but there are so many outcomes that if you're not careful you can bump-off your own Pharoah by mistake! Each side of the board is equipped with its own laser, which you press after your turn. The laser bounces from mirror to mirror illuminating any piece in it's way. The piece that was "hit" by the reflecting laser beam is then removed from play. If you illuminate your opponent's Pharaoh, you win.The only problem that i've heard about is sometimes the mirrors dont line up correctly and you have to fiddle with them a bit but otherwise I've enjoied countless hours of fun. The best tip? Play with the lights off!