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Garden Fairies With Young Girl

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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My mom occasionally gets catalogs in the mail from a company called Collections Limited. They have very nice lawn and garden decor for a VERY good price. I remember looking through one of the cataloges she got and seeing this cute statue collection. My mom then decided to add a little creative flower boxes to her garden made from 6 of the grey concrete blocks. She saked them in a pyramid fasion and then planted flowers in them. One day while sitting out by the garden I looked at her pyramid flowers and thought that that statue collection I saw in that catalog would looke perfect there. So Italked her into buying it.

The collection is of a young girl bending slightly as if sheis looking at something. Then there are four small fairies that go along.

The young girl is a little over a foot tall and the fairies are just a few inches tall. The young girl is in a gold color. Each fairy is a greenish grey color with colorful wings. They are each in a different pose. One fairy looks to be getting ready to take to flight, One is standing with flowers in her hands, one is dancing and the other is hilding a flower up as if giving it to someone.

There is very minimal construction. Youhave to screw the base to the little girl and you have to attach the wings to the fairies but the wings are magnets that just stick on. It only took me a few minutes to assemble the set.

The fun part is placing them in your garden. And they look very cute. I like the way the fairies blend into the plants and you have to look very closely to see what the young girl is lookind at before you find them. We have had many friends come over and ask "what is the little girl looking at?" and we tell them to look closer till they find all the fairies.

This set truly adds a magical fantasy feel to your garden.